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What’s Included in This Decor Package?

- 1x Airwalker

- 2x Bubble Balloon (Mini Balloon)

- 1x Supershape

- 5x 18'' Star/Heart/Round Shaped Foil Balloon

- 4x 30cm Confetti Balloon

- 20x 30cm Chrome Balloon


Helium Balloon Floating Time:

- Latex Balloons’floating time approximately 8h depending on temperature & environment

- Hi-float is available for extra cost: $0.5/each balloon (helium balloon usually lasts for 24 hours with hi-float)


Things to Note:

- You can select any colour balloons

- Available for pick up, prices does not include delivery and installation (delivery, installations and pick up starts from $100). Please send us an enquiry if you would like this set up

- We will advise you to place the deco package order with Leona Party and Home at least 1 week prior to your event date

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